Regulation of payday loan companies

Good and properly regulated payday loan companies must follow strict laws that control the finance industry.

It is always recommended to check that the company you are applying for is properly regulated. The pay day loan company offering you the loan should show its Consumer Credit License number within its loan conditions and it should be authorized by the Office of Fair Trading. Whenever you have doubts whether online payday loan company you are going to apply to is fully and properly regulated you can contact either of these bodies and ask for information.

In case you have any complaints a properly regulated payday loan company will be a recognized body to make any complaints. That guarantees that you will never be subject to any unfair practices.

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Need 100% LTV Purchase on 550 scores

Hello everyone! I have a borrower who needs 95-100% LTV on a purchase with 550 score. Located in Indiana. 27 years on job, good income, ratios fine. Good rental history, no lates. BK in ’94. I know it’s a longshot but thought I thought I’d try here. Thanks for your help!

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High LTV No Doc in PA on Condo Purchase

Good Evening,
Does anyone know of a lender who will do a 90 – 95% LTV no doc on a $350,000.00 condo purchase in the state of Pennsylvania on a self employed borrower with a middle score of 620.

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90% condo purchase

I am looking for a 90% condo purchase.  My borrowers purchased a home with parents two years ago.  They now want to move out on their own. Because they own a home with their parents and are moving to a lesser home, it looks like an investment property.  2nd problem: The closing costs and down payment will be a gift.  Can anyone help?